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IDS consultants have a breadth of knowledge in various industries.  The experience that we bring to the table will enable companies to gain valuable insight into their data.  Providing thoughtful analysis to gain a better understanding of their customers, opportunities and operations are only a few advantages of bringing in quality consultants with years of experience. 

Financial Services

Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance

The markets have become more competitive and the profit margins have diminished over the years.  Companies need to analyze their current strategies to stay ahead of their competitors in this constant evolving market place.  With the right analysis this object can be achieved if the correct information can be captured, organized and presented for the best business desision-making..  

Retail Merchants,

Loss Prevention and Store Operations 

Retail has a broad collection of data in various systems and formats.  The need to bring this data into a format for each department is a must; we have many years of experience and success helping companies achieve this objective.  Each department has its own information needs from Merchants looking at 52 weeks of item level data to Loss Prevention being able to analyze shrink.  With the right dashboards and detailed reports this can be achieved. 

Government and Education

The Public Sector

The public sector has unique and special needs and strategies to meets performance goals not found in the private sector.   Although both sectors are drowning in information overflow, the public sector has the added challenge of analyzing and acting on its data while simultaneously meeting the obligation to present activity and results to the public in a comprehensive, clear, informative and meaningful manner.

Energy and Utilities 

Constantly evolving

There has been no other industry that has had more drastic changes over the past decade.  The volume of data has barely surfaced, with the rise of Big Data this will be one of the most revolutionized industries in the coming years.  Technology has evolved to be able to analyze and look at trends that were not possible in relational data bases.  The advant of Big Data is now being able to leverage the velocity of data being generated on an hourly basis.  This change is giving companies more insight into their operations and being able to be customer driven like never before. 

Health Care

To improve the level, efficiency, and quality of healthcare services delivered to patients, a number of applications can be built to monitor and analyze patient information along with supply chain information. Due to HIPPA regulations, we ensure the solutions are in compliance with privacy and security regulations.


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