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IDS has partnered with Axiom Health BI to offer a complete solution utilizing predictive analytics across EMR systems. 


Axiom provides hospital care givers and executives with real-time actionable intelligence and alerts to improve efficiency, maximize health outcomes and minimize costs. Our flagship product suite BI-Focal, consists of 4 platform technolgies: Point of Care Analytics, Population Health Management, Clinical/Process Efficiency Analytics and 360 Performance Metrics Tracker. Utilizing BI-Focal product suite, we are working on pilot projects involving the following initiatives (sample list): 


  • Readmissions Reductions with high-risk care plan management and disease specific predictive modeling 

  • Length of stay management and reduction

  • Physician performance management to reduce clinical and process variability and enhance behavior change  

  • Diagnosis specific evidence based treatment protocol analysis and order set optimization 


BI-Focal is capable of integrating data from disparate source systems and  seamlessly integrate into workflow. 


Want to learn more about how the experts at IDS can help you achieve your goals?  

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