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With many years of experience working on MicroStrategy projects, we can help your company succeed in implementing end-to-end Microstrategy based Business Intelligence solutions. From Mobile BI applications and interactive Dashboards to server upgrades and distribution services, we have the expertise and use industry best practices to satisfy all your MicroStrategy needs.


Health Check Assessments
Maintaining a fine tuned MicroStrategy environment is critical to the sustainability, maintainability, and extended life of Business Intelligence Initiatives. When we perform a Health Check assessment, we provide an end-to-end analysis of how the MicroStrategy ecosystem is performing, including database connections, caching profile, vldb options, performance statistics, and project organization


MicroStrategy Product Upgrades

Keeping up-to-date with MicroStrategy enables businesses to leverage the latest features available in the product; we provide organizations a smooth transition from one version of MicroStrategy to newer one, guiding the path around any compatibility issues known or uncovered during the upgrade. To ensure the largest ROI, we work with the business to re-design or design new solution that use new product features 



Moving assets from one Business Intelligence product to another can be a daunting task. We work with our customers to prioritize and stagger any like-for-like solution migrations to provide the best ROI for the investment in a new platform; in the process, we also work with the business to ensure functionality available in MicroStrategy is leveraged as much as possible


Mobile Application Development

Staying abreast of information on-the-go is a must in today's world. We work with organizations to create Mobile Business Intelligence solutions that enable quick decision making on mobile devices. From user interface design to infrastructure setup, we develop end-to-end Mobile Business Intelligence applications to suit your on-demand requirements


Interactive Dashboard Development

Quick, easy, and intuitive consumption of information is key for decision makers. Using our iterative Business Intelligence applications development methodology enables organizations to build interactive dashboards that allow users to glean the most information as fast as possible; from graphs and charts to maps and exception reports, the dashboards we develop are state-of-the-art 


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