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Learn how to make better business decisions with MicroStrategy and Maps

VIDEO Webinar


It's widely held that 80% of data collected has a location component usually in the form of an address, however this data is largely lost or forgotten in white noise of traditional grid and chart reporting.  With the latest mapping improvements in MicroStrategy 10.8 we can now capitalize on Location Intelligence and gain critical insights, while optimizing business operations and making better decisions. 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How geospatial data can deliver actionable insight in MicroStrategy

  • How to use the basic features of the out of the box MicroStrategy Mapping widget

  • How to configure the map widget in MicroStrategy

  • How a real-world example of the mapping widget can help solve a business scenario


MicroStrategy brought about many new features in their latest versions, however the out of box mapping widget is probably the most underutilized yet potentially the most powerful feature offered.  The mapping widget utilizes Location Intelligence or information derived from the management, analysis and visualization of location-based information.  Now, we can answer the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE in a multi-dimensional visual format. 



Robert McCormick, Presales & MicroStrategy Consultant, IDS – Intelligent Data Solutions

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